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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Trade With The Underdog Card Collector: Lots of....Who Am I Kidding, He Sent a 1954 Roy Campanella!!!

I completed my second trade with my good buddy Zach from The Underdog Card Collector. Zach has been bombarding me with awesome cards for some time, and that time just happened to coincide with my sort of hiatus from posting. He has informed me he will continue to send cards until I post about them. Well, I couldn't think of a better piece of cardboard to lead-off this long-overdue post with than this absolute beaut he surprised me with. Behold:

Caaaaaampy! This was one of the major needs left for my Campanella Collection, and on top of that I adore 1954 Bowman. This is such a simple card from the pose to the blue sky background with the prominent B on Roy's hat standing out like a beacon; I dig it! I somehow had failed to acquire this card despite numerous attempts, but The Underdog's generosity has finally solved that conundrum.

I legitimately had no idea Bench Warmer had hockey-specific cards, but Big Z surprised me by including these two cards of ladies donning Anaheim Ducks' apparel. One is even autographed. The things companies put out nowadays is always surprising. Quirky additions to my Ducks' collection is putting it one way.

Clayton Kershaw aplenty! Zach was able to add seven cards to my ever-expanding Kid K Collection. The blue Bowman is /520 and that Gypsy Queen card though....

Some factory set limited edition pieces of cardboard highlights two new Bisons and a pair of Russell Martin cards I was previously without.

Finally, a batch of miscellaneous goodies from The Underdog. Blake DeWitt remains one of my low-key favorite Dodgers; Brandon McCarthy is nothing short of a Twitter God; Gagne is Gagne; that's a great shot of a rehabbing Kenley Jansen; Greinke's facial expressions are always enjoyable and odd; and Gypsy Puig can only be topped by miiiiiinnnnniiiii Gypsy Puig.

Zach, you're a mensch! Many thanks for the phenomenal Campy and everything else! Please allow me some time to put together a respectably worthy return volley!


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