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Monday, June 8, 2015

T206 Piedmont Back, PSA 1: Zack Wheat!

While I have already posted a couple of Zack Wheats I have not yet gotten around to displaying the first Wheat card I acquired, the one that really pushed me towards adding him as a player collection. Well, that is until today, as the below beaut served as my initial foray into the world of pre-war PCs.

Oh snap! The centerpiece of my modest Zack Wheat PC is this gorgeous T206 of the Brooklyn Hall of Famer I snagged from eBay many months ago. It's got a Piedmont back which I didn't scan in, but there's significant paper loss. The reason I waited so long to showcase this bad boy is because I actually purchased it raw and sent it in to PSA through my work.

My boss who specializes in vintage and T206s -- he's sold a Wagner in the past and was one of the first to know the Gretzky Wagner was trimmed, informing Bruce McNall of that fact before he purchased that famous piece of cardboard -- wasn't 100% sure my Wheat was legit, so getting it slabbed was an obvious must.

The wait for it to return from Newport Beach was nerve-wracking but thankfully it passed the test as a PSA 1, which I knew it would grade out as if real. I LOVE it, creases and paper loss and staining and all. T206s should be well-loved, after all!


  1. Gorgeous! I also picked up a vintage card as a crazy bday gift to myself. I'll show it to you once I get it slabbed as well (I don't expect it will get higher than a PR1 either).

  2. Congrats, owning a T206 of a Hall of Famer is very special.