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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

1934-36 BATTER-UP: Tony Cuccinello!

I was filling an order one day at work and noticed that a 1934-1936 Batter-Up card the customer had ordered was much cheaper than I would have guessed it to be. I decided to check out what we had in-stock and see if anything could fit my budget. Thankfully not only did something meet that requirement, but it just so happened that the card featured a Brooklyn Dodger to boot!

So pretty! My first Batter-Up features former Dodgers' third baseman Tony Cuccinello, who makes his second appearance in my collection as I already own his 1933 Goudey offering. These Batter-Ups are difficult to find not popped out and it was less than half a blaster so I'm one happy, happy camper!

Cardboard Connection and my research skills revealed the card was released in 1934 as it falls within the first 80 cards of the set. I'm presuming a Bobby Fluck owned this card before it became mine. Thanks for not tearing it to shreds Bobby! My collection truly appreciates it.