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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trade With The Underdog Card Collector: Every Emerson Etem Ever.

I completed my third trade with my good buddy Zach from The Underdog Card Collector. You can see the first here and second here. Zack and I have developed a good friendship since we first exchanged e-mails and our trades are always fun. Zach let me know he was revamping his cardboard ways and was parting with his Emerson Etem cards. I love Etem and saw him drafted live so I'll always have a fond spot in my collection for him and was more than happy to send The Underdog stuff he'd enjoy to get my hands on all of his Etems.

This absolutely stunning jumbo patch-auto rookie -- numbered 2/5 -- out of 2013-14 Panini Prime is by far the crown jewel of this batch of Emerson goodness and I can't get over how amazing the logo patch is.

This is my second copy of Etem's 2013-14 Dominion auto-patch rookie but I adore Dominion so I'm always happy to see a card from the now-defunct high-end set. It's numbered 01/99, the auto is on-card, and the patch features four colors.

I'd always wanted to grab one of these gorgeous '13-'14 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket auto-patch combos as the gold signature on a black background looks amazing. I finally have one thanks to Mr. Malone and this beaut is numbered 077/100 with a three-color patch full of stitching.

Panini Playbook out of '13-'14 is a really cool set and the Long Beach native's entry in it was thankfully in the box I received. Numbered 10/25, the left side features a combination shadowbox/cut-out display that allows me to touch that awesome two-color patch and the huge seam running through it. The right side with his John Hancock has the same set-up and that two-color sweater piece is a nice counterpart to the patch.

I'm just noticing this is one of the rare Emerson autos where he didn't inscribe his number; I actually really dig that he almost always does include it.

Another card I already owned but was more than happy to pick up another copy of. Numbered 05/50 it hails from '13-'14 Prime and features two single color sweater pieces, one two-color piece, and a nice two-color patch.

More Dominion! This 2013-2014 1/1 Black Printing Plate is a welcome sight and my second plate of the first-round pick.

A BGS 9.5 of Emerson's 2013-14 Upper Deck Series 1 Young Guns RC, another second copy addition in this massive cardboard swap Zach and I undertook. My first YG is not graded so picking up a slabbed version is a nice find.

The final Emerson entry is this jumbo nameplate patch piece out of 2013-14 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Debut Threads, numbered 086/100.

It wasn't all hockey cardboard falling out of the box of goodies, as two great Sandy Koufax Heritage cards came along for the ride.

Zach, I can't thank you enough for the huge boost to my Etem PC and yet another awesome trade! I hope you enjoy the return package and now that I know you also collect Sabres going forward expect a few Buffalo cards whenever we next trade that are in fact part of this epic trade!

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