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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2005 Bowman Chrome Base Auto: Kemp

I added another piece to a project that will likely take me years to complete but came about rather quickly. Matt Kemp's 2005 Bowman Chrome RC Autograph was at or near the top of my wish list for some time. In what ended up being fairly rapid succession after waiting so long I was able to track down and snag the Refractor, XFractor, and Blue Refractor variations. I sent them all in for grading just to better protect them and they've become centerpieces of my Bison PC.

That left me needing the Base signature as well as the scant Gold Refractor which is limited to just 50 copies. There's a Red REF /5 I've never seen and the SuperFractor as well. Condition is never really a factor as I know chrome cards are tough to find in high-grade raw with the surface always being tricky and this Kemp card generally being off if not way off-center. This Base version I landed for a good deal actually has solid centering, I just cropped it poorly.

A graded Gold REF (BGS 9/10 Auto) sold recently for a pretty respectable deal and I don't even see the card available that often but I had to let it go as I've prioritized another card over just about anything right now. One day I'll land one and one day I'll pick up another Base but graded in a 9.5 because the price has really come down on Mattycakes stuff.

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