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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Corey Seager: 2016 Topps Chrome RC Sapphire Edition /250, BGS 9.5!!!

This is my favorite Corey Seager card that is not signed. I actually like it better than some of the signed ones I have. 2016 Chrome is a great product and Seager is prominently found throughout it. A while back a customer came in with a box of Seager RCs. He had multiples of every one and wanted to know value as he was unable to keep them all. We chatted for a while and he wanted to thank me by allowing me to pick one card. I had no idea what this card was as I couldn't find it on Beckett but I had a feeling it was the best of the bunch which I had relayed to him. So of course, when it came time to choose my one card, I went with it. I couldn't be happier I took the risk and listened to my gut.

What a simple and fantastic card all around! This is the Sapphire parallel of Corey's 2016 Topps Chrome RC offering. It was found only in limited edition sets Topps was selling online for a ton of dough. They made just 250 of the sets, and the blue pairs oh so well with Dodger Blue.

I had my fingers crossed when I sent this in to Beckett through Penguin (thanks once again amigo) and my hopes were not dashed as this returned with quad 9.5 sub-grades. Considering how clean the cards were that the gentlemen brought in, I would have been surprised to see any flaws knock the grade down, but you just never really know until some random person decides the fate of your cardboard. Man, grading sounds insanely silly when you put it that way.

The Sapphire parallels of 2016 Chrome are some of my absolute favorite cards from recent memory. They just pop so well and the print-run is small but not so immensely small that they are unattainable, and depending on the player, they are actually pretty affordable (nabbed a Kershaw for under half a blaster).


  1. These sapphire parallels were made for Dodgers fans. Beautiful card! Congratulations on the grade.

    1. Haha they most certainly were! And thanks Fuji!