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Monday, August 21, 2017

My World Cup of Trading Loot, Courtesy of The One and Only Wes Moore!

I recently participated in Wes' World Cup of Trading. I saw a pretty cool item and decided that while it didn't exactly fit into my new collecting direction, it was too awesome to pass up and I could send some stuff to JBF that would fit much better into his collection. You can see what I sent his way here.

This was the main attraction that caught my eye. Hall of Famer and an on-card auto? I'm sold. Plus, that's one mighty fine and legible signature Bobby is sporting.

I also wanted to beef up my available traders -- even though I don't trade as much as I once did -- so I nabbed the above Blake Bortles Flawless on-card Auto numbered out of 10 figuring it could one day come in handy.

Wes allowed everyone to pick up to five more cards after the initial round of claiming, so I once again looked for stuff to beef up the trading portion of my stuff.

Wes, being the immensely generous person he is, threw in some always appreciated cool extras on top of everything. My good sir, thanks as always! I hope you enjoyed everything I sent your way as I tried to hit all of your collecting desires.

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