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Monday, January 29, 2018

Orange I Glad People Stopped Buying Sweet Corey Seager Autos? Yes, I Am.

Corey Seager cards have dropped in price and while I think people are crazy to bail on him their loss and poor judgment is my gain. I was able to land a beautiful card recently for probably half of what it would have sold for a mere 6 months ago.

While I wasn't the biggest fan of 2017 Topps Finest from a design standpoint I couldn't turn down this Orange Refractor for the price I was able to land it at, especially with it already being graded. It is numbered 23/25 and slabbed a BGS 10 with a 10 for the signature. I was able to put Hanukkah cash from my folks towards it and in the end I only had to spend $4 out of pocket -- the price the seller charged to ship it -- on my newest ManBearSeag addition.


  1. He hit .295. He's gonna be a star for a long time. Bailing on him is silly but card collectors are a fickle bunch. Good job to take advantage.

  2. Once I can find an on-card autograph of him for $20 to $25 shipped, I'll snag one. Not sure if that will happen though. The kid is just way too good.

    1. I've seen a few not too far off from that range. Good luck!

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