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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1923 German Baseball Transfers, PSA 9 (MC)!

I recently snagged a rare Zack Wheat oddball already in a PSA holder off of eBay. I've been lucky to land some cool and rare oddballs of numerous PC guys in the last couple of months and I can see myself trending in that direction over the last year or so when it comes to buying vintage. The price was most definitely right on this one and I'm beyond happy with my latest pickup.

The seller had the card up for quite some time. He eventually dropped the price by a fairly significant amount but I decided to wait until I had some extra funds. The price went back up and the card remained unsold and available. Eventually I hit a three paycheck month and eBay was running what has become an increasingly rare bonus eBay Bucks promotion. I messaged the seller, asked if he would drop it back down to his on-sale price, and if he would I'd pay him immediately. Thankfully he obliged and my newest Wheat was soon on its way to my PC.

While I don't have access to the PSA info I have to imagine this is one of the highest-graded copies of this oddball out there when looking at just the Wheats that have been slabbed. That didn't matter in purchasing it but it's cool to think about.


  1. Never seen these before. Very nice PC add!

  2. Nice pick up. Have the Speaker from this set

    1. Thanks Mark! It's a really fun set, any set with Ruth in it is a ok in my book.

  3. Sweet oddball issue! According to the PSA Pop Report, there are only 2 of these graded PSA 9 (yours and one without any qualifiers). There are zero PSA 10's out there (for any player in the set).