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Thursday, February 1, 2018

1972 Icee Bear Project -- # 4: Dick Van Arsdale, Slabbed A PSA 8!

I was able to approach a seller on eBay recently and make a deal to get myself to 25% complete on my 1972 Icee Bear PSA 8 project. He had a couple listed for thirteen bucks and change a piece. I offered him $20 delivered for the pair and he quickly accepted.

$10 a piece for the common guys is good in my book. I had hopes to beat that price after landing the Dave DeBusschere for under $4.50 shipped but I'm coming to the realization that the deal I got there was an aberration I can't expect to see again.

Dick Van Arsdale makes for four cards in the project and a cool addition as I'm a Phoenix Suns fan and he's considered the "Original Phoenix Sun," having his number retired by the team.


  1. Neat little set with some tough SPs. I've got about half of it...it's right in my hoops wheelhouse. A seller on eBay has a lot of 10 for abut $25 or so but there were 5 in there I already have so I passed. And they were not graded so they wouldn't help you.

    Anyway that's a nice pickup for a PSA8. Congrats.

    1. Thanks commish! It's definitely a unique set. Good luck completing yours!