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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A PSA 5 Roy Campanella 1955 Golden Stamps (Hand-Cut From A Book)

I recently picked up a graded Roy Campanella card from 1955 for just under half a blaster plus shipping. It seemed like a no-brainer and it was also a new addition to my Campy PC, which makes every pickup of a player I collect all the better.

The '55 Golden Stamp features a simple shot of Campanella in what appears to be the foreground of a Spring Training outing of some kind based on the row of trees behind him. It's not the typical Campy shot which is a nice touch, even though I do enjoy the usual catching pose I find him in on cardboard.

Slabbed a PSA 5, this 1955 Golden Stamps beaut is actually my second Golden Stamp of Roy. The first, acquired long ago, was not graded but also looks quite a bit different, as you can see below.

I have to imagine the new pickup was cut from the stamp book which is why the Dodger appears on the back of it. The original must have been peeled out of the book, I guess. Either way I'm thrilled to add another card to my collection and have it be a brand new one and encased to boot while barely denting the wallet.


  1. These are an underrated collectible. Have a few

  2. Great looking card. Less than half the price of a blaster seems like one heck of a bargain. Congratulations!