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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: T206 Back Run Addition, Polar Bear, PSA 2

So I'm not actually attempting a back run of Zack Wheat T206 cards but I am more than happy to pick up a new back when one presents itself for a reasonable sum of money. Such was the case when a Net54er posted the below for sale. The price was good enough and most importantly the card presents quite nicely for the grade.

This marks my third different Zachariah T206, joining a Piedmont 350-460/25 and an American Beauty 460 that reside in my Wheat Collection.

Polar Bear backs have always been high on my list of T206s as they are simple yet strikingly beautiful. The blue just always seems to pop.


  1. Sweet T206 Greg! I've grabbed one or two myself lately and you definitely have me drooling over this one!