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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Happy Birthday, Walter Johnson! My First WaJo: 1921 Exhibits, PSA 1!!!

Occasionally I will take a minute and ponder which all-time great pre-war players are absent from my Vintage Collection. If I can rectify that situation I make the effort to find something not only cool but also unique to my collection from a set perspective. Such was the case earlier this year when I realized I did not own anything of the one and only Walter Johnson.

I looked for something unique set-wise but ended up landing on a card from a set I already had checked off of my list thanks to Zack Wheat. Nevertheless I couldn't be happier with my first card of the legendary hurler.

Hailing from the 1921 Exhibits set is this absolutely gorgeous Big Train, slabbed a PSA 1. It presents a lot better and is held back by damage to the back and a few pinholes much more visible when viewing the reverse.

Exhibits have taken off in popularity and price for HOFers over the last couple of years so nabbing this bad boy for a very reasonable price was icing on the cake.


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  2. Very cool. How much of a train wreck is the back? Pun not intended as disrespect to Mr. Johnson whom I hold in high respect for many reasons. I didn't realize how much of a pun I made until I typed it.

  3. These exhibits look a heck of a lot better than the later one's with no background!

  4. What an amazing photograph! That's a killer piece for sure!

  5. Sweet Johnson! Cards with pinholes (especially very small pinholes) are always hidden treasures when it comes to graded cards. You can find some really nice cards that are graded PSA 1 because of a tiny hole.

  6. The back is not terrible actually. Overall, killer eye appeal.