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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Tris Speaker T3 Turkey Red, PSA 1 (MK)!

I featured my first Tris Speaker card in November but it was actually the second Tris card I purchased. The first was a larger splurge last year and I finally got around to scanning it in and writing about it. I saw this on eBay and couldn't resist picking it up. There was a special eBay Bucks promotion running -- I think 10% back in Bucks -- which always helps, and I took the plunge and couldn't be happier with the Vintage addition to my collection.

This beautiful, stunning 1911 T3 Turkey Red is slabbed a PSA 1 (MK) but presents well for a 1 and the obvious damage. The color is vibrant and this Speaker pose, like it's T206 counterpart, is just a perfect image for a card. One cool side note is this card was owned at some point by Rex Ryan.

A sweet back stamp adorns the reverse. This is the second T3 to enter my PC.


  1. Very impressive! The border flaws dont detract from the fantastic color. An original Turkey Red Cabinet is on my collecting 'bucket list' and Speaker would be one I'd target as a Red Sox fan.

  2. Turkey Red Cabinet cards are awesome! eBay never offers me promotional stuff anymore :( I guess they figured out I've cut back my spending on their auctions.

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