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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trade With The Daily Dimwit: A Triple Threads Treat and A Mess of 2012 Ginter.

I completed my eighth trade with Sam from the wonderful The Daily Dimwit. You can look back at our first foray here, second swap here, third trade here, fourth deal here, fifth exchange here, sixth encounter here, and seventh transaction here. Sam pulled a card many months ago that I had to have, and after a while I found something equivalent to send his way. We expanded our trade and had another great one in the books. You can see what I sent his way here.

The meat of the trade that I saw way back when and knew I had to get. Numbered 11/18, it's a sweeeeeet triple relic from 2012 Topps Triple Threads. I love that there are two blue patch pieces and they belong to the two gentlemen on this card I care about, Messrs. Kemp and Kershaw. Why Dre got center-billing, I do not know. The relics spell out "Bleeding Blue," which accurately describes the 2013 season.

Pee Wee! Wool jersey! Exclamation points!!!! Numbered 193/199, it's just the second Reese relic to call my collection home, joining a slice of bat. I told Sam to save this bad boy for our next trade but he sent it along anyways. A kind gentlemen, you are. You'll be getting something extra next time, of course.

Billy Wagner was a fantastic relief ace and I'm stoked to land his John Hancock. On-card and as an Astro, to boot. See Sam, not everyone hates Houston.

3 awesome Bisons and a pair of Kid Ks. Matty wearing 42 in mini form is NAILS.

Koufax and Verlander make a great pairing. I already have the A.J. Ellis Spring Fever auto, so the base card is a much appreciated throw-in. My first Hanley and Adrian Gonzalez cards as Dodgers were nice surprises as well.

Sam also took a big bite out of my remaining 2012 Ginter needs, sending me 4 of the World's Greatest Military Leaders, 23 of the What's In A Name? behemoth subset, and the last 3 SPs I needed to complete the Base Set (SPs included).

Thanks for yet another phenomenal trade Sam!


  1. Great cards, love the Kershaws of course !

  2. Sick bleeding Blue card.
    Absolutely sick!

    oh yeh- I'm talking about the 2013 season too.