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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trade With 2 by 3 Heroes: Chris Kunitz's Duck Days and Dodgers' Parallels Should Always Be Blue.

I completed my third trade with Jeff from 2 by 3 Heroes. You can check out the first here and second here. Jeff pulled a pretty cool card and I immediately jumped at the chance of adding it to my collection. He kindly obliged and we soon had our third trade in the works.

Chris Kunitz is absolutely killing it this year playing alongside a healthy Sidney Crosby. This marks my second Kunitz auto, both of which have come via trade.

The other side of the card, which I don't always show. When the other side has another signature, I'm sort of obligated to show it, no? Andy McDonald was a good Duck and contributed nicely to the '07 Cup Ducks. I dig these Upper Deck MVP One on One Dual Autographs, and also own the Getzlaf/Perry version that hails from the year after this one.

I was pleasantly surprised to open the PWE from Jeff and find this sweet Allen Webster rookie John Hancock, numbered 472/500. Not because I was unaware of its existence, but because I had forgotten that Jeff offered it up and that I had accepted. Dodger parallels should always be blue. Seriously, it should be law.

Thanks for another great trade Jeff, we'll get your end of the deal finalized soon!


  1. Nice stuff! Kunitz is a guy who had an outstanding college career here in Michigan at Ferris State, yet didn't get drafted because the NHL hates American college players. Fortunately, he's gone on to have some nice pro seasons, and I'm happy to see him succeed.

  2. The Ducks get some of the best non-drafted American college free agents, with Kunitz high on that list.

    I'm glad that's an area they excel at.