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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Trade With Collector's Crack: I Chose A Blue Cuban Over a Red, White, and Blue American.

I completed my seventh trade with Mark from Collector's Crack. You can check out the first here, second here, third here, fourth here, fifth here, and sixth here. Mark and I haven't swapped cards in some time but some pack-busting on his part did the trick, as I saw a Blue Dodgers' auto I could give a good home in exchange for sending a red, white, and blue Brewer all the way to Alaska.

Mark pulled the above Onelki Garcia Blue REF RC auto, numbered 077/199. I inquired and we quickly worked out a deal we are both quite happy with. You just can't beat a blue parallel for a piece of Dodgers' cardboard, even if that blue is more of a light blue. We won't talk about Onelki's "signature." It's my first of his, and probably my last.

Mark also sent along four set needs in mini Allen & Ginter form: three from 2013 and one from 2014. I always appreciate the Ginter set help.

Thanks for another sweet trade Mark!

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