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Friday, September 19, 2014

Trade With DocHoloday: Kemp, Kershaw, ALL YOUR DODGERS, and A Custom Archer Sketch Card!

I completed my second trade with Matt from DocHoloday. It was quite the gigantic trade, and he sent me a ton of amazing pieces of cardboard. You can see what Matt received by following this here link.

This sweet addition to my Bison Collection is numbered out of a scant /25 (12/25, to be exact). It's the XFractor parallel out of 2007 Topps Finest.

Clayton! This new Kershaw is a mini black framed relic out of 2013 Gypsy Queen. It scanned crooked each time and I gave up after three attempts. But still. Kid K!

More adds to my Kemp/Kershaw PCs. 13 new Bisons takes my Kemp PC over the 350 unique card mark. 8 new Kershaws always makes for a swell collecting day and the Russell Martin is a sweet, sweet refractor of a great play at the plate.

My Long Beach State PC gets a boost with this sweet Troy Tulowitzki bat slice, numbered 272/399. Tier One is such a pretty set, but one I will only pick up cheap singles from because boxes are crazy expensive.

A fantastic dual relic featuring a pair of sweater swatches from Bobby Ryan and Cam Fowler. It's numbered 258/300 to boot.

A potpourri of fantastic cards is up next. There's a sweet Julio Urias RC right smack dab in the middle; a troika of awesome Hyun-Jin Ryu rookies; a miiiinnnniiii blue Joc Pederson /250; Puig and Seager, Bowman Platinum style; a tremendous die-cut of The Duke of Flatbush; and a brand new Ryan Getzlaf parallel that's serial-numbered 985/999.

Some pure random goodness. The Piazzas are tremendous, especially the Diamond Duos card (Hideo Nomo is on the reverse) and the Star Attractions die-cut. A page full of Piazza cards always makes for a good day. The Zack Greinke Heritage is easily one of the best cards of the year, and I had never seen that Pee Wee Reese card before (it's quite pretty). The red Nolasco is really a red Puig in my book, and I've always enjoyed the AJ Ellis card on the top left.

My first auto of future reliever -- if he remains in L.A. -- Matt Magill.

And finally, a true surprise as Matt included a custom sketch card of one Sterling Archer! Much like the custom Archer sketch Gavin sent me, this baby is headed straight for my Archer PC. Seriously, if anybody wants to ever sit down and sketch me a custom Archer sketch, I will more than happily add it to my collection. If you wanted to draw Krieger doing something exceptionally Krieger-ish, that would be totally cool as well. Not that I'm hinting or anything....

Thanks for a truly phenomenal trade Matt! It was well worth the wait!


  1. Definitely glad you liked'em dude! Thanks again for the awesome trade. :)

  2. Thanks again man, appreciate all of the awesome stuff! Until next time!

  3. Phenomenal lot of cards. Man, what a trade. Congrats and a seriously awesome haul!