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Friday, December 11, 2015

Trade With The Daily Dimwit: MOST OF 2015 ALLEN & GINTER + Awesome Kemp, Kershaw, and Puig Hits!

I reached double-digit deals with Sam from The Daily Dimwit fame as we recently competed our tenth trade. You can see the first here, second here, third here, fourth here, fifth here, sixth here, seventh here, eighth here, and ninth here.

The bulk of the deal was a near-complete set of 2015 Allen & Ginter. Sam sent 348 of the 350 Base + SPs (or theoretical SPs this year, I suppose). I already had the Yasiel Puig base and Sam was without one other base random dude (#97) so I'm only one card short!

There were inserts galore -- 65 to be exact -- which were led by 36 Starting Points. I can't thank Sam enough for hooking me up with this beastly group of set needs!

A new Kershaw relic is always welcome.

As is a new Kemp; this happens to be the card that long ago began these talks.

Now for a couple of complete surprises that popped out of the 800 count box. This Gary Sheffield dual jersey card is just fantastic. I'm in the process of thinning my tertiary collections but this bad boy will be staying put.

The real stunner was a first, actually: my first Yasiel Puig relic! It follows my first Puig auto and I'm so happy to have it in my #ManBearPuig PC. It hails from 2015 Panini Diamond Kings (a really stellar product despite no logos), features bat and jersey, and is numbered 07/25! Sam, your generosity continues to amaze me!

Some random goodness. The Puig is /199; the Pederson is /599; the Lasorda die-cut is #'d 10/25; the Verdugo Bowman Chrome RC might be my first card of Alex (I hope he turns into something one way or the other, the organization needs more home-grown position players); the Museum Collection Kersh base is a need; and Ginter miiiiiinnnniiissss! One Yasiel has a standard back, the other an A&G reverse, and Joc is a black-bordered.

I'm highlighting a simple Kershaw base card because damn Panini, well done!

As always Sam, thanks for the phenomenally stellar trade amigo!

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  1. nice dodger haul! sam just sent me a fantastic trade package as well.