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Monday, January 30, 2012

Trade With The Cardboard Don: A Russell Red Refractor and Paul Kariya Fever = More Cowbell

I completed my fourth trade with Wicked Ortega of The Cardboard Don, né My Past Time.......I Love It!!. You can look over the first deal here, the second here, and the third here. Wicked posted a card he picked up, and I immediately knew I would do what it took to make it mine. After a long wait, we finally came to an agreement and the cards made it my way. One card in particular had me more anxious than someone who's really anxious.

Numbered an awesome 01/25, this is my first red refractor, and I'm more than thrilled to add this beauty to my Russ Martin Collection. Red refractors are just pure amazing, and I'd love to add one of Matt and one of Clayton before it's all said and done. One day. Some day. Soon? I'm also happy my scanner did a pretty swell job with the red. It pops pretty well.

It's an eBay one of one! OH SNAP! I have a surprisingly nice portion of this rainbow done, and I've put exactly zero effort into this rainbow. Sweet.

A trio of Paul Kariya relics rounded out the agreed-upon deal. This brings my Kariya collection to a grand total of four cards. The card on the right of the scan has four nice lines of stitching running horizontally. Wicked also threw in two other very much appreciated cards.

First up is a new, numbered, chromed-out Matt Kemp, checking in at 155/999. These T-206 chrome cards are sick. Kemp looks like he's jumping out and off of the card. Awesome.

The second of the two extras is a gold Manny Ramirez, #'d 0277/2008. I am always happy to add a new Manny as a Dodger card to my ManRam collection. Which is desperately in need of an autograph.

Thanks for the cool trade Wicked! Your cards went out this past Friday and should be there shortly!


  1. Derek will tell you I love those color Refractors, nice pickup!